October 24, 2011

Photography: Manual Mode & Lighting: $40

{$40: Saturday, November 12th from 11:30-12:30.  Please bring your camera, its manual, a notepad and pen, and (recommended, but not required): a reflector.  ALSO, please come knowing how to change the ISO, Shutter Speed and F stop settings on your camera (easy to find in your manual).}

This course is designed for beginners.  Shooting in Manual mode instead of Auto is the difference between point and create and point and hope.  It’s the key to getting perfectly sharp images and it’s the key to seeing an image in you head & capturing that image in your camera.  Knowing how to shoot in manual mode is among the top 3 skills to create pro style images (the other 2 are mastering Photoshop & Lighting).  You will leave with a list of assignments to assist you in mastering the manual mode.  

Light & Shadow is the key compositional element in any image.  Emilie teaches the equation of lighting.  Consistently having great lighting in your images does not come by accident or trial & error.  Lighting is a science, you must know how to identify the elements of light & position your subjects accordingly.  She will also share with you her 3 favorite lighting set ups.

Emilie Decker, Photo By Emilie,  is a self-taught photographer who specializes in portraiture, event, and wedding photography. She has a special talent for capturing the unique essence of children and passing her knowledge along to others. Her award-winning work can be found on the walls of Utah’s trendiest homes, businesses and has been published in local magazines.

Growing up in St. George, Utah, Emilie pored over magazines, art, and took an active interest in her mother’s scrapbooking business. She loved preserving images of people and remembers being fascinated by capturing an exact moment in time – particularly one that can never be repeated.

Emilie’s transformation from photo hobbyist to full-fledged professional photographer was not part of a pre-planned career path. Always the “ham,” Emilie’s interest in being in and taking photos started at a young age, a hobby that she cultivated while attending the University of Utah and serving as Student Body Vice President her senior year. To record her adventures, she took literally hundreds of photographs.

It wasn’t until her first nephew, Tyler, was born years ago that she began snapping in earnest, observing and learning to appreciate the different qualities of a quick eye and natural light. As friends and family began requesting her services more frequently, Emilie’s flirtation with photography quickly grew into a passionate embrace for the medium and launched a new career. It wasn’t long before Emilie handed her tiny point and shoot digital camera to her little sister, Ali, and purchased professional-grade Nikon equipment.

Photography is a perfect match for Emilie’s talents and personality. She has always had the ability to make other smile and giggle. Further, her style for capturing the details and emotion of life’s breathtaking moments makes her one of the most sought-after local photographers and teacher for up-and-coming photographers.