October 20, 2010

Heidi Loewen

Heidi Clegg Loewen has explored creativity since young childhood with dance, music, choreography, cooking, and photography.  She is an entrepreneurial genius who has a knack for turning fun things into business opportunities. Heidi can make and do just about anything, and tops her talent list with the ability to sniff out a bargain on KSL.com's classifieds in 30 seconds or less...WOOT!   She has been participating in boutiques for years and years all over the country, and has finally (6 years ago) started her own, named after her then-baby, Sadie.

Even more than photography and Oh Sweet Sadie!, Heidi loves her five beautiful children and rockstar husband by the name of Danny, which always makes for fun and confusing conversation, since her business partner is a Dani too.  Heidi feels like a total dork writing short biographies about herself, so she enjoys letting Dani do it for her.